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What is an EICR?

An electrical inspection condition report (EICR) is an in-depth inspection of your property’s electrical systems and installation. The report assesses the competency of your electrics by three different categories:

C1 – this indicates that danger exists and will need immediate attention.

C2 – this indicates that there is the potential for danger and advises urgent attention.

C3 – this indicates that the electrics pose no danger but still recommends the improvement of the electrical system.

How do you know if you need an EICR?

Over time, electrical installations will deteriorate with wear and age. This can potentially become a risk if they are not regularly checked; improperly insulated wiring can lead to dangerous electrical shorts while faulty wiring and appliances can cause electrical fires.

So, whether you’re a business owner, landlord or homeowner, it’s important you carry out regular checks on the condition of the electrics in your property.

The IET Wiring Regulations BS 7671, which sets the standard for electrical installations in the UK, recommends the following:

  • Business Owners – should have an EICR test once every five years.

  • Landlords – should also have an EICR test once every 5 years, or when there is a change of tenancy.

  • Homeowners – should have an EICR test one every 10 years 

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Electricians  for a professional and reliable service ?

At Winstanley Electrical, we are a testing and electrical contractor specialists  that provide services for commercial, retail and industrial sectors throughout the entire UK.


Whether you require mechanical and electrical installation, maintenance or repair, Salient is fully equipped to provide a complete service from design to installation.

We genuinely take pride in our pursuit of better aesthetics and maximising efficiency when it comes to mechanical and electrical installs.

We guarantee that our work is carried out to that of a high standard.


Our team provides an amicable, exhaustive service, concentrating on professionalism, knowledge, skill and safety at all times.

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