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Reliable Access Control Systems

Our Access Control Systems are dependable and act as a safeguard for the entry and exit points of your building. They deter unauthorized individuals attempting to gain access while monitoring and tracking the movements of those within the premises.

Our systems provide controlled access levels, enhancing the safety and security of your staff and visitors.

If you need more details on the most suitable Access Control Security Solution for your business, please get in touch with us today without hesitation.

What access control system for your building ?

Networked Access Control Systems
Biometric fingerprint Access Control Systems
Facial Recognition Access Control Systems.

Remote access systems


Easy to use and program

Location points and reporting

HDI Mobile Access

Smart Alarm System
Glass Building
Security Alarm
Security Gate
Monitoring Room
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Highly qualified Engineers  for a professional and reliable service

At Winstanley Electrical, we have a team of highly qualified Engineers who offer a professional and dependable service to commercial, retail, and industrial sectors throughout the United Kingdom.

Our comprehensive service covers everything from design to installation, and we take great pride in enhancing the aesthetics and efficiency of mechanical and electrical installations.

We guarantee that our work is executed to the highest quality standards, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Our team provides a friendly and meticulous service, prioritizing professionalism, expertise, capability, and safety as required.

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  • Always have a personal point of contact. 
  • Full on-site service management.
  • Bespoke service suited to your requirements.
  • Ethical employers.
  • Over 25 years of satisfied customers.
  • accredited Quality
  • Management (ISO 9001)   (ISO 14001) & ( ISO 45001)
  • National coverage.
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