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24/7 - 365 Help Desk

Winstanley Electrical offer a 24/7 - 365 Help Desk Service to sites that we provide reactive maintenence for. Our purpose built, in-house Help Desk acts as a single point of contact for customers, our experienced team will answer all customer enquiries 24/7 365 days a year. For existing customers Winstanley Electrical also offer to create a bespoke Help Desk email address which can be used to contact the Help Desk via email.

Winstanley Electrical Help Desk Services Include:

• 24/7 365 - Central Help Desk based in the North West

• Currently manages requests for over 200 properties

• Contact via phone, email & web

• All staff directly employed by Winstanley Electrical

• Supporting clients across a range of sectors

• Unique Performance Management Reporting

• Auto Prompt for Works exceeding SLA

• Immediate assistance

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